The British Premier League Delay Could Push a Closing on June

Premier League delay is now just one of many delays of sporting events all around the globe due to the spread of Coronavirus. The danger is real as it can be seen on the rising number of cases as well as the affected areas of the globe. That is only reasonable that all events involving a gathering of mass are being delayed or even cancelled at this point. Even world level sporting events like MotoGP and Formula 1 have been delayed so far until further notice from the officials. The question is how the Premier League competition will possibly end later on this season?

So far the Premier League delay has been decided until at least April 4th 2020. Furthermore with the delay even for Euro 2020 there is a slight chance for any domestic competition of football around the globe to be started once again on that window. There has been a meeting held on conference call involving the emergency board of the Premier League talking about the possibility of at least putting a close on the 2019/2020 season of the Premier League. Yet it remains unclear though how the Premier League will be finished under the uncertainty of Coronavirus.

The government of the United Kingdom has released its official statement regarding mass gathering that eventually lead to the postponement of Premier League matches. That fact leads to the unlikeliness of clubs all over the UK to deliver their thoughts regarding the time to continue the competition once the delay has passed later on in the beginning of April. It has been the most serious issue regarding a virus according to the chairman of Spurs. With the ban to hold mass gatherings is not likely to be lifted any soon, possible alternatives remain in search and consideration for the best outcome of the competition.

An idea regarding the Premier League delay is to hold the matches behind closed doors so that at least there will be a lot fewer people to gather within a location. Clearly without the thousands of fans attending the matches it is fair to say the situation can be much more controllable. There has not been any development regarding the possibility to end the competition in any way possible. Clearly it is difficult to find a way that has no tendency in favoring certain parties. Thus the conference call meeting is said to be an information sharing and clarity meeting.

The idea to hold matches behind closed doors is surely a decent one without other possible ideas around. Lately an event held in that kind of situation is the famous sports entertainment show of wrestling in the US. So far all brands of WWE known as Smackdown, RAW, and NXT are held without fans’ attendance in its training facility known as WWE Performance Center. Following that occasion the AEW as another wrestling show brand in the US has been held in the same situation. Somehow that shows a possible bright light for the Premier League delay.

Words around the Premier League are showing that even the clubs are somehow split into two different sides on this matter. Vice-chairman of West Ham even stated that the competitor should just be declared as a void one. Yet another thought was from the chief executive of Brighton and Hove Albion stated that it is not right if Liverpool is to be denied from its long awaited championship at this point. The upcoming agenda regarding the Premier League competition is to show some possible scenarios that could end the campaign to the clubs. Hopefully that will eventually help to decide the end of the Premier League delay for the best of many.


6 High-Profile Players Available (Out of Contract) in the Summer

With this season almost over, there are football players that are available or in other words out of contracts. This is one of the good news for some clubs that are eyeing for high-profile players that are available for the next season and they are out of contract. The first player is Edinson Cavani from PSG. His debut with PSG was not a good career as he became the second after Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, in 2016 his centre stage begun and he shone so bright. He scored 49 goals in his 50 games and the followed by 40 in 47 the following campaign. However, again he was out of the limelight after Neymar and Kylian Mbappe arrived in 2017 and joined PSG. This Argentinian decent who is now 33 years old is believed to seek for nez oportunities ahead for the 2020/2021 season. 

The second one will be Thomas Meunier who is also playing with PSG. As a midfielder, Menuier is a multi task player who loves to support every opportunity to attack and he is also available to support the wing-back to protect the defense. This Belgian decent is going to be free and he also stated that a new contract with PSG will be a good thing for him as he is still desired to play there. However, negotiation is not yet to start between both sides. There are other clubs that are being linked with him such as Arsenal and Manchester United.

Another player that will be available this summer will be Nathaniel Clyne that is now still joining Liverpool. His competition was tight with other player st Liverpool. With Liverpool, he only played 7 games. It got worse after he had an injury and it causes him to leave Anfield. This former Southampton player will be out of contract and the fact that he is only 29 years old this year, he will still be able to play. It is still possible for him to be signed by other clubs as long as he can prove his fitness and performance. 

Mario Gotze is also available for summer as his contract with Borussia Dortmund. He started with Borussia Dortmund since his early age and he also played for Bayern Munich in 2013 for 3 years. He had an excellent career in his early age until he had a metabolic disease that put him out of the lime light. As he is recovered now, he is eager to play again. This 27 year old attacking midfielder might be joining other clubs if Dortmund decided to set him free. 

Ever Benega will also become available this summer as the contract with Sevilla will end soon. This Argentine decent would like to finish his season and set a new opportunity. He is known as a creative midfielder and have been played for over a decade in La Liga. However, rumor sparked that Benega might want to join the Premier League in this case and sure the clubs from England must keep an eye of him. Dries Mertens will also join these players as the rumor that has been going around. He almost left his team, Napoli this January and join the Premier League. This Belgian decent is highly likely to move to Premier League soon. He has a really good track record during his journey as a football player. Even though he is now already 32 years, there is no sign of slowing down from Mertens. It will be possible for the clubs in Premier League that will be happy to sign him and have him in the team.